Heard It All Before

by casperOne 27. January 2009 13:17

While on the subject of Microsoft building on others ideas (to put it mildly), this blog post has been sitting in my browser waiting for me to comment in on a blog post:


Can anyone say QR Codes?  Or their prevalence in Japan for that matter?

Not surprisingly, when I posted a comment to that effect, it never showed up.  I’m guessing it was not a fault of the technology here, and active moderation on the part of the poster.


On a side note, these things look horrible.  Not to say that QR Codes are pretty, but they just seem to have a better aesthetic than these.  I can’t help but think some sort of failed modernist expression here.

The concept is cool though (I can use it on my iPhone, that’s good enough for me), but cell-phone culture here in the States just isn’t the same here as it is in Japan.  When I was in Japan, QR Codes were ubiquitous, but here, Microsoft faces an uphill battle in getting this to catch on.  Ugliness aside, it’s one I hope they win.

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