Dear 2009 MLB Playoff Contenders

by casperOne 7. October 2009 02:18

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Elmo, Ice-T, Morgan Webb and Jimmy Fallon Walk Into a Bar...

by casperOne 17. April 2009 15:07

And it goes a little something like this:

Pretty typical gamer-geek fare, but has an endearing moment at around 2:25.

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Me and My (Future) Son

by casperOne 9. April 2009 13:17

This is what I envision play time with my future son to be like:

With some notable exceptions:

  • “Play time” will consist of eight-hour training sessions on a daily basis
  • He’s going to whip this kid’s ass in no time



I Want A Peaceful Soul

by casperOne 5. April 2009 22:58

Life” is the kind of TV show that I don’t go out of my way to extol its praises.  I watch it week after week, consistently content with it, not realizing that it is one of the rare shows that I actually find myself anticipating to watch, saving it on the DVR so I might watch it at just the right moment.

It should be noted that I am only now beginning to appreciate the show for it’s cinematography and editing, which is typically loaded with interesting shots and music for the lead-ins for scenes.

In “Initiative 38”, there is a scene at the end where Charlie is confronted with a call to action which is in conflict with his nature:

I want what Charlie wants.

I want a peaceful soul.



Waging the Peace

by casperOne 7. March 2009 02:22

I’m a massive fan of the videos from the the Technology, Entertainment and Design conferences that have occured over the ages.  They are high-level presentations on pretty much anything, and in my mind, they have earned their catch-phrase “ideas worth spreading”.

I had the fortune of reading “The Pentagon’s New Map” by Thomas Barnett.  It’s an incredibly brilliant view of the role of America’s military in the 21st century, taken in context of everything and crossing the divide between the connected states and the gap.

He touches on some of these concepts lightly in his presentation at TED (and might I say, in a delightful manner as well):

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Top Ten Reasons Team USA is Better than Street Fighter

by casperOne 6. March 2009 21:32

It’s been a while since I watched the Late Show with David Letterman.  I used to watch it when I was younger (when it was on NBC, if you can believe it, 17 years ago?) and I remember my favorite part being the Top Ten list.

So I was pleased when my mother informed me that Team USA from the World Baseball Classic (WBC) presented the Top Ten List on Thursday:

I always thought that Letterman lost a step when he moved to CBS, but it’s good to see that he can still get a few laughs.  Unfortunately, starting in June, he’s going to have to compete with Conan O’Brien, and I don’t know if that’s a battle he can win.  We’ll have to wait to see the effect Burbank has on Conan.

Going back to the WBC, it reminded me of an ad that I saw for ESPN’s broadcast of the WBC on the subway recently, featuring none other than the Yankee captain, Derek Jeter:


(image credit: ESPN’s Media Source)

I was very pleased to see this, not only for the obvious reason, but for what I see on his right shoulder, an American flag that is flying backwards.

Most people seem to think that this is an error, but in fact, it is not.  It’s representative of the flag bearers that would carry the flag into battle.  When seen from their right side, and moving forward, the flag appears to fly backwards.

So on the right shoulder/arm, it is backwards, to give the appearance that a soldier is always moving forward in the face of battle.

Compare that with Guile from the Street Fighter series:


And even his latest incarnation in Street Fighter IV (rotated 180 degrees to emphasize the orientation of the tattoo):


(image credit:

The sad part about it is that in Street Fighter IV, the characters are three-dimensional models, not sprites which are flipped when they have to “turn around”.

Then again, it could be argued that since the character (and his history) is already established, and that they are tattoos (and aren’t going to be changed easily), that they kept it for the sake of continuity.

Oh well, I guess there’s always Street Fighter V.

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My Second Love

by casperOne 24. February 2009 22:01

If I had to work from home, this is exactly how I would want to do it:



Think About It

by casperOne 23. February 2009 09:38

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Happy Birthday to you…

by casperOne 21. February 2009 11:25

With wishes for many more mom.



The Hits Keep on Coming

by casperOne 10. February 2009 20:45

Once again, the New York Times is showing their prowess at creating truly engaging interactive multimedia.

The first example, unfortunately, is a timeline of Alex Rodriguez’s career (which of course is under much more scrutiny than normal because of the recent exposure of his taking performance-enhancing drugs) which chronicles how tumultuous his career is:

The second is piece for the New York Times Magazine.  Titled “Great Performers” it is a portfolio of actors and actresses, most of whom are under consideration for an Oscar this year.  I highly recommend playing the commentary while browsing through the photos:

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